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Saturday, May 14, 2016

This Groupon sounded like a regular old Groupon.... But boy oh BOY did we get an amazing surprise.

As you can see I could Barely get the full photo of this without missing a few pieces of bread!! That dip was beyond belief... Sun dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and a whole bunch of herbs and spices according to the waiter.... I will try to recreate this soon as well!!!

Peach Sangria... We had two of these and after the night was over, we had to walk around the bloc to ensure we were sober enough to get home LOL

Seared scallops, cinnamon, aioli, paprika oil, potato comfit, romesco

This right here was really good.. I can make this at home, What shocked me was when My hubby ate all the onions... Hats off the the chef!

Salmon con Spinacas
Seared salmon with sautéed spinach, bechamel & white truffle oil

This Salmon was to die for... If this place wasn't so far, I'd go back for this and a glass of wine... the portion was good for sharing, but even better if you wanted it for yourself.... I would love to recreate this dish at home soon!

Paella Valenciana
Lobster tail, shrimp, clams, mussels, chicken, chorizo, sofrito, saffron rice

This is the Paella for two... We got the seafood one of course and I must say, In all my life eating Paella and not really enjoying it, this was by far the BEST paella I ever had.... The flavors and portions of everything was just phenomenal. . The rice was not too soggy, the sauce and seafood were cooked to perfection, not over cooked... I mean OMG was this great...

Crema CatalanaHomemade custard topped with crystallized sugar

Desert was beyond amazing!!! My hubby usually does not like creme brule but the waiter insisted that we try it and oh my was it worth out wild!!

I wish We could take the chef home with us!!

I would definetly recommend this place!! I am actually going to buy another Groupon TODAY!!!


Friday, April 1, 2016

 Peach-Bourbon Glazed Scallops & Shrimp 37
skillet fried corn with bacon, asparagus, red grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers

instead of what it comes with, He substituted it for Mango Sticky Rice

This was my Hubby's Dinner, it was delicious but  small in size... He was finished with his dish before I could take 3 bites of mine!!!

Kim Chee Calamari 14.5 
lightly fried with crisp vegetables

This was cool... I expected it to be a bit more spicy....

Chilean Sea Bass 39
Cabell 9 
lobster, lump crab, lemon shallot butter

My dinner was amazeballs!!! Of course I shared with hubby, but man oh man... I did the blackened Sea Bass with the cabell topping!!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Yellow Rice

There were veggies in this rice and I loved it.... Anything with flavor makes me a happy camper!

Conch Meat Stew

What an amazing Dish... I've been used to eating this the Haitian way.. but boy oh boy did this Dominican version change my life!!!

I looked up the recipe and will revisit this place again to enjoy this amazing dish!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I was hungry one night and bought a few lobster tails and decided to make what you see below

I got a bunch of butter and threw in a few seasons, refrigerated it and then slapped it onto the lobster and baked it for 20 minutes... what came out was seafood gold!

Along with that I also had made saffron rice (from scratch) with quinoa together... Yes I added the two in the same pot!! 

I will make this dish again and next time record the seasons I added :)
Salmon Tropical – 27
Baked Salmon, Roasted Garlic, Lemon Sauce, Topped with Peppers & Onions, Balsamic Vinaigrette

This dish was hands down unbelievable!!! 

The salmon had so much flavor, the veggie noodles were well seasoned and the drinks (not shown) were to die for!!! I need to go back again


Thursday, December 10, 2015

When you don't expect anything from a chain restaurant and they prove you wrong with this dish

Boy was I happy with myself when I stumbled across this place before going shopping for loved one... I had to take a picture of this beauty before the plate disappeared.... 

Seared Georges Bank Scallops*.......................$21.99
Half pound of over sized sea scallops served
over lemon-asparagus risotto with baby-greens and basil-infused olive oil


do yourself a favor and stop byt this establishment!!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Jalepeno Mac n cheese was the bomb. com.... It looks small but it's plenty big.. the picture does not justify the awesomeness this dish has... I need to replicate this dish at home 

The calamari was okay... I could have done without it....

My friend had the mushroom Mac n cheese and she too loved it... 

I would go back for the drinks as well as try other dishes (and get my mac n cheese to go so I can indulge like the skinny fat girl that I am) LOL


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hot Roast Beef-N-Gravy Black Eye Peas

My friend enjoyed her dish as well as her husband... I tried the rice only and that was really well prepared.

Banging French Toast

This was nice and light, unfortunately we shared... so it disappeared right after the picture was taken LOL 

Louisiana Macaroni and Cheese

Crawfish mac n cheese was a mazing!!!!!
I wish I new how they made it taste so good... 

I would def recommend this place for brunch!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Whole grilled Peruvian Calamari special

When I say this is the best calamari I ever had in my life please believe I am telling you the truth!

The marinate that this  beautiful piece had on it was beyond delicious I could not stop adding more and more onto my plate

I almost ordered another plate of this but we had dinner to devour so that help us back 

You must find and try this dish 

Pargo Rojo


Fresh whole Brazilian Red Snapper grilled or fried to perfection served with yuca & sweet banana

I hate dried fried red snapper, This fish was still really juicy and packed with flavor! The fried clams were something unexpected and I swear I will have to get this groupon one more time!!!

Jalea Sin Ropas
Grilled fish & seafood sauteed with garlic & soy served with white rice & salsa criolla

This was hands down the most flavorful dish I ever had. The fish was nicely fried then covered with this most flavorful sauce and seafood I could ever imagine

Tres Leches

We devoured this and it was so damn worth it!!

Please what ever you do... Try Peruvian food and make sure you give this place a chance!!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

After Sharing 24 oysters with my friend, We decided we needed MOE food

So we got: 

EATS Mac & Cheese  15
Four Cheese Blend · Chopped Shrimp · Breadcrumb Crust

This Mac n Cheese is AMAZING I went home wanting more and wishing I had a chance to order on to go!!! The bits of shrimp were really good and the sauce/ cheese oMg ugh I want more now 

Ahi Tuna and Shrimp Ceviche  14​
Citrus Marinade · Fresh Tomato Salsa · House Fried Chips

I'm not a tuna fan... So I don't really have much to say about this besides the flavors were there and the chips were hand made!

Drink Pictures that didn't make to the blog post but were really good!:

Take Me Home Martini
Mango Nectar, Fresh Lime, Citron Vodka, Tequila​

Fresh Cucumber Martini
Fresh Cucumber Puree, Lemon Juice, Citron Vodka

I would recommend going here.. it's nice and small and very friendly


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