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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Brunch On Mothers day :) 

Brunch here is a two courses and drinks are a la carte... 

The Shrimp and Grits 

My Hubby thought this was delicious... I loved the charred flavor on the shrimp portion I got to taste, and the grits (polenta) was really nice! I would love the bigger portion next time!

My First Course

Muscles in Champange Sauce

Holy cow was this amazing! So amazing I had to get another order of this dish... I didn't even want my second course any more... This has to be the best muscle dish I ever had in my life!... Hence the lucky free mini order then full paid order that followed!!

Hubby and I got this Bellini, The were only $5 a piece and very delicious... We were getting drunk quick.. The mix was some type of pear and peach combo with the champagne... So good!!

My order of pancakes.. they were cool, but my eyes and heart were fixated on the muscles.. so I requested having these packed to go.. which I eventually ended up forgetting and oh well...

French Toast

He said it was amazing, I tried it and it was... no complaints on my end... only that I didn't want the pancakes and wondered why I ordered them instead of the crepes...

How cute is the syrup and whip cream on the side though!

Try this Place out! I know I will again... Oh and they have a cigar lounge downstairs... I am going to try that ish one day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lobster Crab & Artichoke Dip 

Sweet lobster and lump crab with artichoke, mozzarella and Fontina cheese, lobster sour cream, served with seasoned housemade tortilla chips

This was good, but it needed something, ike maybe salt or something.. outside of that it was good.

Bang Bang Shrimp   
Crispy, tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce.

This came out kind of cold.. We were trying to figure out why people raved about this... I wouldn't get it again.

Misoyaki Sea Bass 
Grilled over oak, then topped with misoyaki marinade & pickle ginger relish, on a bed of sautéed spinach, mushrooms, jasmine rice

This was a really nice dish... It's something I would make at home, I might come back for this if they have it as a special again.

White Truffle Mac & Cheese 

This was okay.. could not really taste the truffle, it didn't have a flavor really, it just looked really god coming out, but not going in....

Fresh Swordfish & Pumpkin Ravioli 
Wood-grilled Swordfish with seasonal pumpkin ravioli, topped with crispy onions, crumbled feta and a hint of butter, complimented with a side of french green beans

My husband did not like this dish at all... it needed some type of love or something to it in order to make it taste even remotely good.

Our Drinks tonight were:
Signature Red or White Sangria
choice of Blackberry Red or Sparkling Mango White

We would go back, but nothing made us want to rush here before any other dinner possible night!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Crepe de Txangurro
Crepes filled with crabmeat in piquillo pepper sauce

Salmon Relleno
De Cangrejo Al Vino
Salmon stuffed with crabmeat in wine sauce – allow 30 minutes for preparation

Mixed Veggies

Paella Marinera
Clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and lobster in saffron rice

I would love to go back for a happy hour


Seafood Paella Paella Marinera
Spaniard style rice with lobster, shrimp, squid, clam, mussel

This was a great dish... My love enjoyed it... I enjoyed it as well... The lobster part was fun to eat the most.. and the rice wasn't too soggy... which was my other favorite  part.

Fried Whole Snapper Pargo Frito
Crispy whole red snapper with coconut and ginger sauce served with Caribbean shrimp fried rice 

The fried shrimp plantain rice is amazing.. The only issue was the fish was a little too dry when it fried.... Other then that it was a great dinner.

This was a free Appetizer compliments of the chef... Couldn't remember what it was exactly.. But it was nice.

Flambeed Tandoori Lobster

Lobster tail, coconut milk, white wine, garlic cooked in the tandoor, flambeed with Indian rum
This was my coupon Dinner choice! OMG was this the Best Lobster I ever had! It was grilled and seasoned to perfection. The rice was amazing and the extra sauce was divine!!!

Steamed Coconut Halibut 
Steamed in banana leaves, coconut, cilantro and sesame paste. Served with green pea pilaf.

This was my Fiance' dish and it was nice but nothing compared to my lobster... we both finished his dish and then indulged into the lobster together!

These are part of the complimentary appetizers that the chef sent. It was a fish ball of some sort and was really nice!

One of the most popular sweets in India - diamond shaped usually made from nuts and milk. Served with a coconut & vanilla flavored sauce

This was okay.......

I would highly recommend this place. I am counting the days until I go again!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

This Groupon sounded like a regular old Groupon.... But boy oh BOY did we get an amazing surprise.

As you can see I could Barely get the full photo of this without missing a few pieces of bread!! That dip was beyond belief... Sun dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and a whole bunch of herbs and spices according to the waiter.... I will try to recreate this soon as well!!!

Peach Sangria... We had two of these and after the night was over, we had to walk around the bloc to ensure we were sober enough to get home LOL

Seared scallops, cinnamon, aioli, paprika oil, potato comfit, romesco

This right here was really good.. I can make this at home, What shocked me was when My hubby ate all the onions... Hats off the the chef!

Salmon con Spinacas
Seared salmon with sautéed spinach, bechamel & white truffle oil

This Salmon was to die for... If this place wasn't so far, I'd go back for this and a glass of wine... the portion was good for sharing, but even better if you wanted it for yourself.... I would love to recreate this dish at home soon!

Paella Valenciana
Lobster tail, shrimp, clams, mussels, chicken, chorizo, sofrito, saffron rice

This is the Paella for two... We got the seafood one of course and I must say, In all my life eating Paella and not really enjoying it, this was by far the BEST paella I ever had.... The flavors and portions of everything was just phenomenal. . The rice was not too soggy, the sauce and seafood were cooked to perfection, not over cooked... I mean OMG was this great...

Crema CatalanaHomemade custard topped with crystallized sugar

Desert was beyond amazing!!! My hubby usually does not like creme brule but the waiter insisted that we try it and oh my was it worth out wild!!

I wish We could take the chef home with us!!

I would definetly recommend this place!! I am actually going to buy another Groupon TODAY!!!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

 Peach-Bourbon Glazed Scallops & Shrimp 37
skillet fried corn with bacon, asparagus, red grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers

instead of what it comes with, He substituted it for Mango Sticky Rice

This was my Hubby's Dinner, it was delicious but  small in size... He was finished with his dish before I could take 3 bites of mine!!!

Kim Chee Calamari 14.5 
lightly fried with crisp vegetables

This was cool... I expected it to be a bit more spicy....

Chilean Sea Bass 39
Cabell 9 
lobster, lump crab, lemon shallot butter

My dinner was amazeballs!!! Of course I shared with hubby, but man oh man... I did the blackened Sea Bass with the cabell topping!!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Yellow Rice

There were veggies in this rice and I loved it.... Anything with flavor makes me a happy camper!

Conch Meat Stew

What an amazing Dish... I've been used to eating this the Haitian way.. but boy oh boy did this Dominican version change my life!!!

I looked up the recipe and will revisit this place again to enjoy this amazing dish!!!

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